Giza Electronics Co. is an authorized dealer of MOTOROLA-USA, authorized distributor of CTE INTERNATIONAL - Italy and authorized dealer LAMBDA ANTENAS - Spain. Giza Electronics Co., in its 22 years of existence formed a professional team that prepared a complete engineering in the field of radio communications. In a specialized service that has the appropriate electronic equipment ie appropriate instruments and tools for measuring and servicing of equipment performs servicing radio communication equipment and offers complete technical support. With proper business operation has realized many communication systems, which represent a special prestige and reputation in the field of communications as an appropriate reference for the quality and reliability of services offered. With its extensive experience and professionalism has won the confidence and justify the expectations of many users in the field of radio communications.
His experience in electronics and monitoring international developments, we used to create the first Macedonian electric vehicle, in which electronics is entirely our product.

Giza co Elektronika